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we believe that sustained growth in the country can only be achieved through sustained empowerment of smaller non-descript villages and the people who reside there.

The foundations of Kamuna Group were laid down on 2nd April 2007 by Shri Pradeep Kumar Asthana and Mrs Prarthana, under the guidance of Late Dr. K N Asthana. Kamuna Agro was the first group company to commence operations.
  • 600 + offices across nine States
  • Headquartered in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Manufacturing presence in two States
  • 200,000+ members
  • Workforce more than 22,000 people
  • SME Chamber of India

"Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life."

- A.P.J Abdul Kalam


True power & strength of development in India lies in Villages
hence prosperity must flow towards rural realm.


  • Support the Rural people – both financially & psychologically
  • Involve them Directly in the development process
  • Inspire them for education, infrastructure and social upliftment.
  • Agriculture production (co-operative advanced farming)
  • Installing factories for finished agricultural products
  • Manufacturing useful products for life from agricultural products
  • Facilitate the construction of dams, canals and bridges for irrigation

At Kamuna, we have deeply entrentched our foundations to empower India from bottom-up. We feel the only way farming can be made profitable is by providing the best inputs to the farmers – both in terms of seeds, fertilisers and technology.

Towards this end, we have tied up with various seed producers and agricultural institutes and we use our infrastruture and reach to bridge this gap. The results of our initial efforts are visible in key villages. The time is now to expand our horizon and enable financial inclusion at a larger scale.

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  • To encourage rural industrialization of Agriculture
  • To enable financial inclusion to under privileged and socially excluded community
  • To support in catering entire development focused needs of rural society
  • To educate people about their living platform and improvements there on
  • To make the rural people aware about their value and rights
  • To inculcate the savings habit among the common man through innovative low cost

To enrich Rural India by providing strength & support to its people in terms of prosperity, education, livelihood and fulfillment of their development based needs through mass participation.

To inculcate the savings habit among the common man through innovative low cost & high return financial products and services using mass participation, self-help and mutual aid.

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Strategic Goals

  • To Enhance Kamuna Value
  • To Increase Stakeholders Base
  • To keep the bottom line Intact
  • To improve investor satisfaction

Value of any organization depends on Stakeholders value creation and expansion. In context of our Group, as strategy, we have to strive for 360 degree stakeholder satisfaction.

The connect, we are focused upon, is to establish between rural & urban, agricultural & industry, poor & rich, At strategy building, we have adopted simple principal of physics i.e. let the water flow from up to down. The Indian population is full of disparities.

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India is expected to emerge as the largest country in terms of working-age population in the world by 2025. Most of this would come from rural India. Therefore to ensure greater impact of the demographic dividend, it is imperative to inspire the youth to play a greater role through education, skill-development and resources,

This will not only boost the confidence of the nation but more importantly, will accelerate the consumption cycle in the rural economy, due to higher disposable income.

At Kamuna, we adopted a three-pronged approach: One, imparting quality education especialy in agricuture techniques have witnessed commendable results. The infusion of new-age concepts like rain-water harvesting, advanced farming techniques, efficient use of irrigation and green energy will not only boost efficiency of the process but also will improve realisation and yeilds for the farmers.

Two, enabling thousands of youth to be gainfully self-employed by offering them affordable finance through microfinancing and co-operative credit societies. And three, generating employment in rural areas by putting up manufacturing faciliites for sugar, textiles, dairy and other projects in proximity to farms and vilages.

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The journey to evolve from a social movement to an inspiring corporate entails effortless synchronization of diverse groups, including customers, vendors, management, employees and investors. At Kamuna, we always believe the organization culture always emanates from the top.

As a result, we had formed and maintained a culture of meritocracy, knowledge sharing and transparency across the organization.

Our management team, comprising of well-educated and experienced professionals has enabled us identify, nurture and motivate talent across the corporate echelons.

Our pursuit to excellence also led to strengthening our customer relations. Catering to a diverse clientele, who would settle for nothing less than the best quality,

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