Print Media

"Sarv Srijan…Ek Naye Bharat ka" is a national magazine published by Innomagin Marketing and Commercial Services limited (IMCSL is a Media company of KAMUNA Group), which offers informative and thoughtful journalism for general masses of all age groups of both rural and urban areas of the country and has circulation of more than 30,000 copies across 9 states of India. The content of journal consists literature related to education, agriculture, sports, recreation, special features, general issues, etc. and is in a quality format of an eye catching size, color, word formatting etc.

Taking same zest regarding rural development from its patron company i.e. Kamuna Group, Sarv Srijan…Ek Naye Bharat ka has content which contains information and literature which helps rural people to become more aware about their surroundings as it acts as a knowledge sharing tool. Different articles being published in magazine has information for the farmers about latest and modern agricultural techniques, educational information for rural youth regarding latest and guiding educational tools. Apart from above, Sarv Srijan…ek naye bharat ka also provides information regarding national affairs, health education, etc.

Sarv Srijan…ek naye bharat ka encourages rural people to take participation in the progress of the country by giving them a platform to gain must needed information regarding all human needs and further to show case their ability. This all in future will propagate high moral qualities among all sections of rural India.