Seed Production

Access to these advanced technologies will help secure livelihood of many farmers and consequently build a stronger nation and economy. Our objective is to strive for maximum yield by properly arranging the available resources and climatic requirements, to encourage agricultural activities in a co-operative way among unproductive areas and people

Unfortunately, the largest production unit of our country, i.e. agriculture, is being done in the most unorganized and haphazard manner. The subdivision of already small farms in an agricultural model, whose profitability is greatly linked to economies of scale, makes the survival of the small farmer very difficult. Although the introduction of tractors and other industrial implements, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, greatly increased the productivity of land and labor, it has not come without considerable burdens for the small farmer who is finding it very hard to compete with large and medium farmers. There are several villages where advanced farming technologies haven't reached yet. In present agricultural conditions, involvement of middlemen in sale purchase of the agricultural products is harming the interest of the farmers

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Apart from above, the most important is to ensure availability of the working capital to the farmers in the form of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and farm machinery. We, at Kamuna make available this working capital to the farmers. We encourage the SHGs comprising of farmers having small lands to cultivate in a way that can serve the interest of whole society. We provide advice to the SHG from the experts of Market Management to produce according to the present or future demand of the market.

Ongoing Activities
  • In spite of continuous dry conditions we are maintaining our production pockets of over 4300 acres well
  • There is huge demand for our seeds emerging in new areas. We could conduct 3 field meetings at Bahraich, Lakhimpur & Gorakhpur where farmers(above 200)enthusiastically attended & supported our vision & commitment on rural development.
  • We have finished processing of certified wheat seed & same is to be bagged shortly in company bags.
  • We have created employment opportunities for about 40 technical agriculture staff across Central & Eastern UP
  • We are starting very shortly Kanchandhara Veggie project(Vegetable supply chain) for welfare of very small farmers/agricultural labourers.
  • We are working together with NCML to take advantage of their services of warehousing, finance against commodity stocks in warehouses
  • For processing, we are getting mobile seed graders which can work close to our warehouses thus saving investment on processing plant.
  • For wheat season we are planning to expand to 20 Thousand Acres of seeds as well as commercial production with our own certified seeds.
  • We are coupling our production with R&D activities & shortly will start our own farm for development of own varieties of different crops.