Kamuna Care Foundation

Village Care

Led by the vision to empower the millions of Indian farmers in underdeveloped rural villages. Kamuna Group by way of its NGO i.e. Kamuna Care Foundation (KCF) have been silently leading a revolution – of making Indian villagers self-dependent. Initially it was registered under society 1860 in November, 2011 in the name of Care with the objective to create an empowerment ecosystem for the social upliftment and improved quality of lives for rural Indians. Later CARE got expanded its wings and converted into Kamuna Care Foundation along with a larger area of operation in November, 2012 with no change in its objectives. For we believe that sustained growth in the country can only be achieved through sustained empowerment of smaller non – descript villages and the people who reside there.

Mission of Kamuna Care Foundation is to build a new ecologically sustainable India, where poverty has no place, where people are independent to take their own decisions, where every child is educated and can opt the best career suitable to his/her skills and competencies.

  • To make rural people aware about their value and its enhancement to make them realize their respectable position in our civic society
  • To educate people about their living platform and improvements there on.
  • To promote entrepreneurship among the villagers.
  • To support girl education.
  • To create a people centered, ecologically sustainable and just society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all.
  • To help rural communities improve their economic status.

Blood Donation Camp

CARE - Chamber of Agriculture and Rural Economics

Chamber of Agriculture and Rural Economics is a business and social institution of Kamuna Care Foundation. It is a club of Indian villagers which progresses through mutual help. The club focuses on the development of the villages. It’s main objective is improvement in the standard of living of the people living in Rural India by their own ideas. C.A.R.E organizes the meetings for the members so that they can discuss on the subject matter of the problems of the community. C.A.R.E. believes that the root cause for poor development of rural India is that they are not recognizing the real problem for their backwardness. Many times they misunderstand the symptoms as the real problem. C.A.R.E guides people to think for the root cause of their problems and when the problem is once recognized then they are provided with guidance from the experts of various fields in order to solve the problem, but the biggest achievement of C.A.R.E is that most of the solutions of local problems are proposed by villagers themselves. Thus we say we are making people learn to think for their betterment.

On June 13, 2014 Kamuna Care Foundation organized a seminar under the program “Purna Swaraj Aur Vikas” for such special people of villages who like Kamuna are willing to do something good for their village, society and country. Who want change for the wellness of people. Thru’ Purna Swarj Aur Vikas, these people will get opportunities to proceed further in the direction of social welfare and as well as self development. CARE has already started functioning in more than 232 villages out of 51 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Girl child on this earth is a blessing for all of us and we have begun saving this blessing. Under the project “Aarti”, every year Kamuna Care Foundation adopts a girl and sponsors her basic needs and education till she gets married or source of earning. Till now we have been adopted three girls since 2012 who belong to village of Lucknow, Raebareli and Gonda.
  • It also contributed during Uttarakhand disaster financially and tried to provide a shoulder of relief upto some extent
  • KCF organized special creational activity for children of an orphanage of Lucknow.
  • “You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life.” Kamuna Care Foundation in combination with King George Medical University, Lucknow have been organized a voluntary blood donation camp since last two years. Many volunteers from organization and from outside participate and contribute in this noble cause and everytime make it a successful event.
  • Thus Kamuna Care Foundation is dedicated towards: Rural development ,Rural Education ,Human Rights and , a Better World