Our Sugar Industry

Kamuna Management had decided to establish Sugar Mill of 10000 metric tones daily crushing capacity with Cogeneration at Village Dahena, District Shahjahanpur for which work is in progress. Requisite Licence from State Government and Government of India has already being obtained, other legal clearances as Forest, Environment, etc are in progress, there is provision of latest technology in erection of mill along with good green belt and residences.

Presently there are 543 Sugar Mills in India, whereas 124 Sugar Mills are operating in UP out of which 101 are in Private Sector & 23 in Cooperative / Corporate sector. There has been a set back to Sugar production in UP due to delay is SAP (Sugar Cane Price) declaration. In spite of that UP touched 50.7 million tones of Sugar production up to 15th March 2014 and there is slide decline as compared to last year crushing season.

Name of the Project

  • Kamuna Sugar Ltd.


  • Vill- DAHENA,
  • Tehsil- JALALABAD
  • Till today total land procured around 93 Acres.
  • Cane Area:

    • Cane development activities have started with the scheduled programme based on Spring and Autumn Cane seed sowing in the new fields through all methods of communications and supports like Group & Village wise meeting with farmers, distribution of printed pamphlets having details of cane seed variety soil condition wise and improved methods of cane farming, intermediate crop in autumn sowing etc.
    • Selection of new cane plots for cane farming with improved and new varieties.
    • Selection of fields which are having rejected and low sugar content cane varieties and making arrangement for replacement of these varieties with improved one.
    • Subsidy being provided on purchase of cane seed with transportation to Farmers.
    • Distribution of Fertilizers and pest control medicines to farmers
    • Distribution of Bar bade wires to Farmers to protect their cane plant fields from Wild animals.
    • KSL Cane staff are working in the area with company dress code and I- Card facility so that anyone identify them and also take help him for any issue related to his field and crop besides above Farmers training and guiding methods.

  • Site Mobilisation

    • There are 34 houses in our Sugar factory plot area and all are being shifted to a proper place after constructing a proper house with roads and toilet facilities. Out of 34, 11 have already been shifted, 12 Nos house constructions are almost under completion and likely to rewady by 20th Oct, 2015.
    • Site offices and 18 Nos double sharing room with toilets, dining hall etc. have been constructed. Site local offices have been started and cane staff also shifted in constructed residence rooms.
    • 22 Nos rooms with toilets and kitchen also being constructed for Plant and machinery suppliers. 90% jobs completed.
    • 36 Nos Hutments for Contractor labour have been fully constructed with toilets.
    • Cement and equipment temporary stores construction have started.
    • One big meeting hall having crowd seating capacity for 250 Nos has been constructed and being used for meeting with farmers etc.
    • Factory area covered by Barbade wires and cement pillars. -

  • Taking raw sugar to a refinery for the process of filtering an washing to discard remaining non sugar elements
  • Crystallizing and drying Sugar
  • Packaging the ready Sugar
Future Aspects

Starting with the targets for sugarcane and sugar production for the five Year Plans, the highlights the various technical aspects of sugar industry. Future technologies for cane handling, milling, juice treatment, evaporation system & crystallisation etc. have been highlighted. Different uses of bagasse, molasses and press cakes have been recommended giving the economics of the various products to be derived out of these. Methodology has been given for working out with the optimum cost of production, R&D and automation at various process stages, policy issues, pollution control measures, co-generation of power, integrated complex and instrumentation aspects are adequately covered.

  • The sugar industry in India is expected to reach INR 931.9 billion by FY’2019
  • Future Growth of India sugar market is expected to be led by increasing sugarcane yield, rising demand of sugar by the consumers and increasing sugar recovery rate.

The sugar industry in India has witnessed a growth in recent years on account of rising number of sugar factories in the country as well as the increasing sugarcane yield in the country. The surge in growth of the industry is majorly originated from the rising sugar demand by the consumers as well as the institutional sector and also forms the increasing expenditure on food and beverages. The sugar market in terms of revenues has grown at a CAGR of 5% from FY’2009-FY’2014.

According to the research report, the sugar market in India will grow at a respectable rate due to the increasing sugarcane yield and dropping sugar prices.

“Increasing R&D innovations to increase sugarcane yield, increase in number of sugar mills and increasing prospects for sugar beet production will result in tightening of standards set by the government. Additionally, increase in productivity, enhancement in the crushing season period will probably affect the growth of this industry in the future” According to the Research Analyst, Ken Research.

The sugar industry in India has a tremendous potential for growth. This agro-based industry is a source of livelihood of 5 crore farmers and 5 lakh workers employed in the sugar mills, according to estimates of experts. India is the second top producer of sugar in the world. The government has to formulate a plan to meet the growing needs of the sugar cane farmers, consumers and sugar mill owners and workers. Only then will this industry attain a solid position in a globally competitive market.

With a total of about 600 mills in India, our country produces nearly 24 million tonnes of sugar each year. More importantly, this sector generates rural direct as well as indirect employment.